Sherwood Florist

Emma Flournoy, Florist/Artist
740-332-1015 ~

Emma lives in the Hocking Hills of Ohio.
Her family owns and operates Ash Ridge Cabins in Laurelville, Ohio.

She is happy to bring you these flower arrangements
for you to enjoy Godís beautiful creations.

When in season, she adds a variety of local
wildflowers and wild greenery into her bouquets
for a truly unique arrangement. In the future, she hopes to have
some home-grown flowers to add to your arrangements as well.
For now, she has a simple selection of flowers she can get locally and arrange for you. Enjoy!

The pictures below are examples of Emma's work.
The mixed bouquets will vary depending on what's available in season.

For Valentine orders, prices may change.
Please call for a quote.

These arrangements are available exclusively for Ash Ridge Cabins guests and
visitors to the Hocking Hills region within a 15 mile radius.
Please call for information if you are not a guest of Ash Ridge Cabins.

  • One Dozen Roses - $40
  • Two Dozen Roses - $65
  • Deluxe - add $10 to any rose order
    to add mixed flowers to your bouquet.

    Roses available in: Red, Pink, Peach or White.

  • Simple and Sweet -$30
  • The More the Merrier - $45
  • Bountiful Blossoms - $55

    Flowers will vary based on what is in season
    and available to us at the time.

  • One dozen roses.

    Simple and Sweet.
    Our small mixed bouquet.

    One Dozen Deluxe White Roses.

    One Dozen Deluxe Red Roses.

    Two dozen roses.

    The More the Merrier.
    Our medium mixed bouquet.

    Deluxe One Dozen with Pink Roses.

    Bountiful Blossoms.
    Our large mixed bouquet.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I add flowers to my cabin stay?
    Please call 740-332-1015 or email
    to order a bouquet.

  • How do I pay for the flowers?
    We will add the cost of your flowers to the balance
    payment of your Ash Ridge Cabins stay and it will be
    charged a week before your arrival.
    For all other customers, payment In Full via
    Credit Card is required at the time of order.

  • How far in advance should I order?
    We recommend a two week advance order.
    The sooner you get the order in, the better. However, the
    latest we can accomodate orders is up to 7 days in advance.

  • Where do I pick up the flowers?
    - For Ash Ridge guests, your flowers will be
    on the dining table in your cabin upon your arrival.
    - For Hocking Hills area orders, we will arrange
    pick up or delivery when you order.

  • About Sherwood Florist:

    Emma has had a love of flowers and the
    outdoors since she was very small. She has
    catalogued more than 200 different wildflowers
    in Hocking County, Ohio alone.

    The third oldest of 10 home-schooled children,
    she also enjoys playing the violin and piano,
    listening to the outdoors at night,
    chatting with her little siblings
    and having deep discussions
    with her dad and oldest siblings.

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