Icing on the Cake Bakery

Below is a sampling of the cakes we have made.
Enjoy browsing and if you see something
you like, we can duplicate it for you.

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An 8" Heart Cake in Chocolate - Yum!

A wedding cake for two.

A Spring Cake. Perfect for Mother's Day!

View from the top.

A bright 8" Heart Cake.

6" Round with Peanut Butter Icing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Soft and Delicious!

Side View - 1-1/2" of Yum.

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake.

A side view of the flowers.

An 8"x8" Chocolate Chunk Brownie.
Otherwise known as "A Chocolate Lover's Dream."

A piece of the brownie -
almost 2" of gooey goodness.

Cake made for a boy from Thailand.

The Thai letters say Happy Birthday.

6" round Anniversary Cake.

10" Round Baby Shower Cake.

Basketball cake for a teenage boy.

Side view showing off the basket.

An 8" Heart Cake.
Great for any occasion!

Another look.

For a girl who loves books!

Side view showing off the fancy swirls.

Heart Shaped Giant Cookie.

One of our 8" heart cakes -
a perfect way to say "I love you!"

Another personal sized wedding cake.

View of the side garlands.

Chocolate cake with
a basket weave.

View from the top showing
off the pansies.

For a young bowhunter.

Cake for 2 cousins who
share the same birthday.

Baby shower cake.

Side view showing off the mini stars.

One of our 6"/8" Tier Cakes.
Perfect for a small wedding.

A 10"/12" Tier cake for a
15th Anniversary with custom-ordered
Hydrangea flowers.

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