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We use only the freshest ingredients. Here the girls are gathering Honeysuckle.

Any idea how many individual Honeysuckle dewdrops
it takes to make one Honeysuckle Jasmine candle? A bunch!

To make a Hot Apple Pie candle, first we start with a fresh apple....

Cinnamon: check. Stick: check. What's the next step....?

The trickiest thing about making a Christmas Morning
candle is figuring out how to fit the present into the candle jar....

The best Pumpkin Spice candles always come from locally
grown Pumpkins. We buy in bulk!

Nothing like fresh watermelon from the garden for the best Watermelon
candles. Just have to remove the seeds first - get busy girls!

We like to have even the smallest members of the family involved in the process

Okay, full disclosure here: None of the above photos are of actual "behind the scenes" candle and soap making activities. We don't actually use fruit grown in our garden and orchard, and flowers picked on our property to create the scents for our candles and soap (if only...). The above photos are simply an attempt at making you laugh. Ha Ha. See, wasn't that funny? Below are a few actual "behind the scenes" photos of our family making homemade candles, soap, etc.

Pouring hot soap into a mold

Once dry, it is cut into individual bars....

....And then packaged

Ready to be shipped

Pouring hot candle wax

They won't be set for several hours

Ready to ship

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